Apple Accounts on the Dark Web Extra Expensive

Hackers make money on Apple Account data in the Darknet probably a golden nose. In an overview published at the end of February current market prices for different account data are listed.

Online Identity Costs $ 1,200

Prices for different account data were over time compared to trading platforms on the Dark Web between the 5th and 11th of February. The online identity, as presented in this case, consists of different accounts from the areas of online shopping, travel, entertainment, finance, etc. The total price for accounts from these categories adds up to around $ 1,200.

The most expensive category is personal finance. Already nearly 250 US dollars are paid for a PayPal login. But even credit card bills are traded in Dark Advertising for at least $ 35.

Social media and e-mail worth almost nothing

In contrast, accounts for social networks like Facebook ($ 5.20) Dollars or Instagram ($ 1.28) are hardly worth anything, and e-mail accounts from AOL ($ 4.16) or Gmail ($ 1.04) are not very popular.

Also, little value is account data from dating apps and sites like Match ($ 3.11).

Apple ID traded for $ 15

Actually, the account data in the “Entertainment” section would also be relatively cheap: a Spotify login is traded for 21 cents, a PlayStation owner’s login costs 52 cents.

However, the Apple ID in this category broken the average because for a login of an Apple customer you pay in the Dark Web according to the report around 15.39 US dollars.

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