Apple adjusts student courses in Germany after caution

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The vzbv published a press release today at noon. In it speaks the Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband of a “defeat”, which Apple suffered. The company signed a declaration of discontinuance. However, does this mean that the conditions of participation for his student courses were unlawful?

Conditions of Participation for Student Courses Illegal

In the Apple stores in Germany there are “discovery trips” for groups of students. They can get to know Apple hardware and software and learn how to deal with creative projects.

However, Apple retained the right to make shots (photos, videos) of students and use them later for other purposes , At the same time, the company refused liability for the children. Parents should agree to this by signing.

But the vzbv sees further unlawful assumptions in the conditions of participation. So participants could be excluded from the program without stating reasons. And that, even though they are logged in and have received a certificate of attendance.

Adjustment to June 10

The Consumer Federation Federation had threatened Apple with a lawsuit that should not be relented by the company. That did, however, and signed a cease and desist letter. In it, the iPad provider agrees to the terms of participation for his student courses by 10 June 2018 adapt. The controversial passages should then be withdrawn from the contract.

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