Apple allowed downgrades right back to iOS 6

Apple corrected a bug that allowed users of an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to access older software versions early Thursday. So, devices with old operating system versions could be down to iOS 6.

Apple made a huge mistake in its signing process First Apple had failed to sign iOS versions for selected devices, including the iPhone 4s and some very old iPad and iPod touch models, according to the website

Next became The function was switched on again, but it came back to a mistake.Already, older software versions were started from iOS 6 to iOS 11.1.2 for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models signed and reinstalled on the devices.

That's not what you want. Apple does not allow users after a short time to install older iOS versions on their devices. For example, the company stopped signing iOS 11.1.2 in December. But suddenly, users were able to access operating systems that were over five years old, some of which were full of security holes. There are also some reports on Reddit and other platforms such as Twitter.

Some users were able to return to iOS versions that are not from Apple's Power management changes are affected or for which there was a jailbreak.

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