Apple also affected by Trump’s trade war

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The current American administration has become unpredictable for its neighbors and allies Even his own economy seems to have little to do with the plans of Donald Trump. For several days now he has threatened to impose import duties on aluminum and steel in order to protect his own steel and aluminum industry from cheaper goods from abroad. However, such tariffs would also harm the American auto industry, which relies heavily on steel as a building material.

Punitive Duties for Products from China

Now further measures are to be taken, as Bloomberg reports. The government is apparently also considering levying duties on other products. Especially electronic products from Asia should be affected. It wants to act against product piracy and prevent the theft of intellectual property, according to the report. The duties should then be levied mainly on goods produced in China. Maybe even if they were developed in America. Apple has a majority of its products manufactured in Asia and would be particularly affected by such punitive tariffs. Trump will probably pay little heed to such details as he has long been demanding that American companies re-produce their products completely in the United States. If Trump makes his threat true, China will certainly also impose punitive tariffs. That too should hurt Apple.

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