Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo leaves KGI Securities

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When it comes to making predictions about upcoming iPhone-related products rs from Cupertino, Ming-Chi Kuo is the most well-known source. The analyst has made many years of predictions about the company's new products. For this he used contacts in supplier circles.

No more Apple predictions?

Do we have to make do with less predictions? According to media reports, Kuo changes his post. He leaves KGI Securities. Where he goes is apparently not yet known. In any case, he should turn to other innovative companies as Apple. The analyst's employment relationship apparently ended on April 27, 2018 ( see China Times).

Not always true, but often close to it

Kuo's forecasts for new Apple products went down certainly sometimes wrong. But that also applies to other analysts who still believe in an Apple TV, as the company from Cupertino has long put the subject back in a drawer.

In all, however, Ming-Chi Kuo belongs to the most reliable sources around Apple speculation. He said the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X correctly before and knew very well about the specifications of the first Apple Watch. He also predicted the dual camera in iPhone 7 and 3D, as well as updates for Touch ID. Most recently, he predicted a re-design of the Apple Watch in the fall and a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model with harder display glass.

Not much known about Kuo

Kuo was already a journalist for DigiTimes, where it devoted itself to predicting Apple products. Later, he joined KGI Securities, Taiwan's second-largest securities group. In addition, however, little is known about the man. He lives quite withdrawn.

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