Apple Announces End for AirPort and Time Capsule

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And another Apple product is discontinued.After the iPod, it is now Apple’s own wireless router family.This confirmed the company to iMore.Thus, no new devices are nachproduziert Unfortunately, this end does not come. The last hardware update for the base stations from Apple is now five, or in AirPort Express even six years back. As early as 2016, the business magazine Bloomberg reported on the dissolution of the AirPort development team. Already at that time one expected a fast adjustment of the equipment class, now it took yet again two years.

From music streaming to backup

The functions of the various devices can actually convince. For example, the AirPort Express connects to a speaker via a jack to stream music over it. And the Time Capsule let the users from their Macs in the domestic WLAN wirelessly and automatically by Time Machine Backups create. Presumably, the relatively high price but discouraged many customers and for Apple, the business with its own wireless routers was not worthwhile.

           Product Note

Apple ME177Z / A AirPort Time Capsule

If you still want to buy one of the devices, you should be quick, because Apple and other dealers only sell off the remainders of the devices. However, unchanged to high prices from 220 to 430 euros. What the supply of software updates and important security patches looks like, there is still no information from Apple. Therefore, you should now prefer to rely on the systems of other manufacturers.

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