Apple applies for test permit for drone flights at US Aviation Authority

Why Amazon likes to perform drone flights at night or over crowds is well known. The retailer plans to deliver parcels by drone in the medium term.

That little bit of luck decides

On Wednesday, the US aviation authority decides which ten local governments will get approval to carry out drone tests under extended conditions to be able to. Each of these governments is affiliated with various companies that would like to receive permission for the extended drone flight in this way.

What government would grant Apple a permit is (also) unknown to Reuters.

What is Apple doing with drones?

In fact, the iPhone maker is not just selling drones in the Apple Store. Rather, the Group is already using the devices, for example, to optimize its map material for the map app. Drones with high-resolution cameras are able to take pictures of the surroundings much faster and with fewer barriers, which can then be mapped.

In order to update its map data, Apple also uses other road vehicles that have cameras mounted on the roof , However, this method is much more inefficient.

Of course, Apple can also use drones to monitor its own operations or deliver packages. So far, there are no indications that Apple even wants to produce its own drones.

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