Apple Builds Mac Chips in Oregon

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Almost two dozen former Intel employees and more locally based Engineers are said to be deployed at Apple’s Oregon site.

Mac-Ownership Setup

The iPhone maker, which already makes its own smartphone chips, also wants to have its desktop Computers and laptops on their own developments. Most recently, however, it was said that work on it would not begin until 2020.

That seems to have changed in the meantime. The local editorial office of “The Oregonian” reports on new developments in this case. Apple would have already given the starting signal.

Reduce costs, boost innovation

With its own chips, Apple could cut costs and also push ahead with its own technologies. The company was previously reliant on Intel, could implement ideas sometimes only with time delay.

First, Apple wanted to develop only an additional chip for standby mode. The should work when the Intel CPUs are turned off. But that has now changed.

The Oregon Secret Laboratory

Apple has issued a slew of new job postings for the site since last November. But nobody knows the exact location of the “lab”. According to insiders, however, it is said to be in the border area near Hillsboro and Beaverton.

Employees who also have expertise in the field of design verification are among the employees hired. They’re supposed to make sure the finished product does exactly what they expect it to do on paper.

Recently more rumors

There have been growing rumors in the recent past that Apple Macs equipped with its own ARM CPUs. Pegatron is listed as a manufacturer of ARM MacBooks. The company apparently already made prototypes.

When Apple cuts off old braids

Last year, the company had to experience Imagination from Britain, as it is when Apple suddenly cuts off old braids. Of course it came as no surprise then for the then insolvent and later sold company. Contracts and announcements were known at an early stage. Apple has been using its own graphics chips in its A-Series chips since last year.

Today, Apple subcontractor, Dialog Semiconductor, announced that the iPhone maker reduced orders by 30 percent. The share price fell in part by 16 percent. The trend is likely to continue in 2019.

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