Apple Celebrates Earth Day with Ziggy Marley & New Playlists

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Marley confirmed in a tweet that for him it was the first concert that was completely powered by solar energy. At the same time, he thanked Apple for making the company an example to other companies in this regard.

The company celebrated Earth Day not just on its own campus. In addition to thematic playlists in Apple Music, films and books are also currently available in iTunes and iBooks for a lower price, dealing with the topic of earth. For example, you can listen to the playlist “Mixtape for Mother Earth” in Apple Music. It contains all sorts of songs that are inspired by the earth, such as “The Beatles’ Sun King” or “Don’t Panic” by Coldplay.

iTunes has many movies for you at a reduced price. These include classics such as The Desert Lives and Our Earth, as well as other critical climate change documentaries. Currently, these are still available at a price of 5.99 euros each.

On the occasion of the Earth Day, iBooks also has a matching section that will introduce you to various environmental protection books. In addition to zero-waste methods, the history of climate change and other interesting books on correct recycling, you will find everything here about how to deal with nature.

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