The iOS 11 seems to be a big step forward in terms of interface and features for Apple mobile devices, but it was also considered a big step back to the "finishing" chapter. Apple's operating system boasted in the past with the best market stability and very few interface problems, but in 2017 this promise was violated. As a result, adoption was slower and users were more dissatisfied, so iOS 12 might postpone some new features in favor of a more enjoyable user experience.

Axios says it has information from sources close to Apple's software development team, which argue that many capabilities that were initially scheduled to debut alongside the new iOS 12 in the fall of this year were postponed. Apple's programmer team will prefer to focus on the stability and finishing of the operating system, making iOS 12 an incremental update, not a so important version.

Of course, in the background, features such as augmented reality, smart home features, and user health monitoring functions will evolve, but we will not have many new features for 3D Touch, Face ID, or other technologies of this kind. Initially, iOS 12 was supposed to mark the start of a new home screen interface, something that remained largely unchanged since the launch of the first iPhone 11 years ago, a new CarPlay interface for cars, a significant enhancement to the application e-mail and new camera software capabilities.

Given that the new 2018 phone line will retain the iPhone X design, it's likely that launching a new graphical interface along with a new cell phone change will be more exciting, even if we have to wait another year for that .

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