Apple confirms USB port lock to prevent hacking attempts in next iOS

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Rumors of restricting access to the USB port on iPhones that have not been unlocked by the user after more than one hour have been confirmed. Apple has confirmed to Reuters that the next versions of the iOS mobile operating system will implement this security method, which will surely give headaches to law enforcement forces that confiscate phones from offenders. Apple, however, does not want to complicate the work of police and state agencies, but tries to protect its users' data against attacks

USB Restricted Mode will be enabled in a major upcoming release (probably the final version of iOS 12 in the autumn, as the next iOS 11.4.1 will only be an incremental update), its primary purpose being to protect against hackers and of "identity thieves" online. Also, this security method will protect users from state agencies in countries where personal data is not well protected by law

Thus, breaking an iPhone through hardware solutions such as GreyKey or Celebrite will be impossible if your phone has not been unlocked by fingerprint, PIN or Face ID for more than one hour. These solutions are very expensive, their price being set at tens of thousands of dollars, so this decision will definitely have an impact on the pproducers.

As we learned just a few weeks ago, even after the USB Restricted Mode implementation, the iPhone can still be broken if there is access to a computer that the device knows, connecting to it by prolonging the operating time Lightning port without limits. After an hour has elapsed since the last unlock or last connection to a known device or accessory, the Lightning Jack can be used exclusively to charge the battery

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