Apple considers refund due to expensive iPhone battery change

Apple is considering refunding the repair price for the iPhone battery to customers who paid the full price. Meanwhile, Apple offers the battery replacement significantly cheaper.

Recode reports that Apple has the option of refunding the repair price Customers who previously paid the full US $ 79 for the iPhone battery are at a disadvantage compared to those who now pay only US $ 29 through Apple’s price cut.

Although the statement Apple is still pretty vague, it shows that Apple cares about its customers.

Apple confirmed in December 2 017 that the company secretly slowed the speed of iPhones to spare aging batteries. As an apology, Apple lowered the price of battery change in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus significantly. In the spring iOS 11 should indicate whether the iPhone is throttled because the battery is not quite as good. In addition, the throttle should be shut down.

Apple has announced that many customers are interested in battery replacement, indirectly confirming that battery replacement on certain iPhone models is stalling due to high demand.

Apple responded to reports at the end of January 2018 According to which the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated whether Apple’s decision to throttle older iPhones was lawful.

Apple said that one would never intentionally “worsen the user experience for customers to upgrade”. Meaning: Apple has no planned obsolescence built into their smartphones, so customers buy new iPhones.

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