Apple could constrain iPhone 2018 generation users to use "official" power adapters

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The presence of the USB-C connector might not be a big deal for iPhone 2018 users, and Apple is only charging them with official AC adapters

Following the rumors that the new iPhone 2018 models can be used with AC adapters capable of delivering up to 18W through the USB-C cable, everyone has imagined that Apple has decided to implement the fast battery charging function using a method similar to the one used in the Android ecosystem. Unfortunately, Apple's strategy is a bit different

According to information from China's Apple partners, AC adapters originally developed for Android smartphones with Quick Charge technology will not work with iPhone phones except in "Compatibility mode ", Limiting the power supply to only 2.5W, even though the same adapter can deliver over 18W to Android-based devices.

The requirement for Apple AC adapters and USB-C cables certification could be justified by the need for ensure compliance with stricter quality requirements and full compatibility with the company's products, avoiding possible incidents during the loading process.

But the consequences for users are easy to understand. If Apple decides not to include an AC adapter with a fast charging feature in the standard package with accessories, it will have to be purchased separately at the price of the company. Similarly, users will not be able to borrow the AC adapter of a friend or business colleague who still does not have a state-of-the-art iPhone model unless they are willing to wait until the battery is loaded in slow mode

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