Apple could deliver the following iPhone models with a fast charger


The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 range are factory-charged, but Apple has refused to include a charger in this package and a charger to provide this feature. Thus, users of these models had to buy separately a Lightning-to-USB-C cable and a MacBook socket adapter (if they did not already have it) to be able to charge the phone faster than the 2-3 hours needed from the box. According to the latest information scattered on the Internet, the next generation will provide the necessary accessories for quick bootloading

In the above images, we see a new larger size Apple Charger that can (in theory) offer the 18W needed to deliver faster energy transfer to the phone battery . Instead of a standard USB connector, a USB Type-C port is also now seen to be needed for faster power transfer, Apple using the power transfer specifications of this standard

While Android devices have been booting fast for many years, and most of the fast-capable models have received these adapters in the box, Apple did not seem to rush too hard to offer this compatibility. The situation has become even more odd when we consider that Apple's laptops have already been delivered with USB Type-C connectors for three years already, while the phones still come with Type-A cables. Thus, devices were not compatible for factory-connected wiring without the purchase of a separate accessory (either an adapter or a new cable)

While new 2018 iPhones will surely come with the new adapter, those who have a 2017th generation iPhone (X and 8/8 Plus) will certainly have to buy the adapter and cable separated. Since Apple's USB Type-C cable costs around 40-50 euros, we're already looking at an expensive upgrade. It remains to be seen how much the separate adapter will cost, the cheapest adapter compatible with today's fast charging being listed at a price of about 60.

We talked about launching new iPhone on hidden costs that Apple did not reveal when launching a new generation of phones, fast charging was one of the worst issues in this chapter. While customers who have already bought an Apple phone will not escape cheap, at least those who buy new generations will be able to make some savings, now that the phones will already be equipped with everything they need.

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