Apple could launch a pair of "over-ear" headphones in 2018


Apple has become accustomed to us over the years with predictable releases, continuing with new variants of the products it already sells every year. For a few years, however, the company seems to focus more on accessories, launching an iPad stylus, a pair of wireless headphones, and a new home speaker. Thus, the rumors about a pair of wireless over-ear headphones seem not to be out of the ordinary today, especially since its portfolio is also Beats by DRE

The new large headphones would not be integrated into the Beats series, which has a well-defined audience. These would be done under their own brand and would be targeted at those who need a pair of quality headphones to use in a number of situations. AirPods headphones are appreciated by users and are sold very well, but these are not exactly the type of product that audiophiles will appreciate and are not indicative of other activities requiring more movement

Bloomberg claims to have information about the new headphones that are scheduled for launch at the end of 2018, with the note that they could be postponed until 2019 if difficulties in development are encountered. Given that the HomePod boot took a delayed release for similar reasons, this would not have been out of the question.

Considering that the wireless headphone market will reach $ 20 billion annually by 2023 (according to Research and Market) and that Airpods of the entire Beats brand had 27% of the US headset market in 2017, this move from Apple's side should not bother anyone. Apple's "other" product division has exceeded $ 5 billion in revenue last quarter, the increase being due to AirPods wireless headphones

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