Apple could launch an exclusive wireless iphone without plug Lightning

Apple could launch an exclusive wireless iphone without plug Lightning


Apple's motivation to remove the audio jack at the launch of the iPhone 7 was "courage." Meanwhile, many companies have proven to be as courageous, following this example, but how many will they try to "copy" the next logical step? The rumors that appeared around the AirPower wireless charger suggest that Apple plans to launch a fully wireless iPhone without any other physical ports or buttons, even with a lightning port or USB Type-C port for charging in the near future.

Apple has always been a company looking to the future of technology, being among the first to drop floppy disks, to CDs that have adopted among the first USB ports and then among the first to remove them completely from computers portable. The headphone jack was just another step in this direction, Apple encouraging the use of wireless headphones such as AirPods. The removal of the Lightning port is a rather extreme step, which has a lot of implications especially in the accessories market

Most CarPlay compatible machines can do this exclusively through the Lightning port, while many accessories for connecting SD cards for transferring photos and video clips or external batteries use this plug. Moreover, there is a headset market with lightning port and many companies that produce MFI licensed cables (Made for iPhone).

It seems that the idea has circulated among Apple engineers even during the development of the iPhone X, but the reason why it could not be achieved is the low speed compared to the wireless charging cable. Also, the lack of a Lightning port meant the inclusion of a Qi charger in the pack and probably a pair of Bluetooth headphones, something that would add extra costs beyond the already high cost of the phone

If Apple decides to apply this concept to a smartphone in the near future, it will probably need to integrate a "wireless dongle" from Lightning to Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi to plug in accessories.

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