The news about iPhone's "disappearance" suggested that Apple would abandon the design of this model, but they were talking strictly about the fact that the company's new flagship will not be retained in the offer nor will it be cheated after launching the 2018 range. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, provides some unofficial details about how Apple's smartphone offer will show this autumn with three "bang" models, one of which is cheaper to replace the current iPhone 8 .

While the iPhone X will disappear from the offer, it will be replaced by a similarly identical exterior model with the same size and very similar hardware, but will be upgraded with a new processor and probably more RAM. Putting the two devices side-by-side will make it hard to figure out which iPhone X is and which is the iPhone Xs / XI. Next to this model will be launched an X Plus, with a larger display of 6.5 ", based on a higher resolution OLED panel, with similar hardware. These two will benefit from 4 GB of RAM, L-shaped battery packs and overlapped internal components. The housing will be made of glass on both sides and stainless steel at the edges, while they will keep the 3D Touch functions.

The third model will be an intermediate diagonal between the two top models, but will benefit from more modest hardware, closer than the one on the iPhone 8. The metal frame will be made of aluminum, less durable, and the interior design will keep the battery and motherboard in their classical, cheaper product form. The display will be based on a lower-resolution 6.1 "LCD panel, but will also be cut to the top where Face ID will be implemented. From hardware point of view, it is not clear if it will use the same chipset on the new X models, but the RAM could be only 3 GB. A feature that might not be back on this model is the 3D Touch, which could be removed while the camera could come equipped with a single sensor, so no portrait or zoom functions

Apparently, in terms of price, the direct follower of iPhone X will remain at 999 US dollars as the starting point, while Plus will be even more expensive. The "modest" model could be listed at a price between $ 700 and $ 800, just like the iPhone 8 today. Most likely, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will remain in offer as budget models for those who do not want to give up the old design and the Touch ID.

These details presented by Ming-Chi Kuo can only be considered as mere speculations, but most of the time his predictions are true. We will probably find out more likely this summer, when unofficial photos will begin to appear with various components of the new phones pulled off the internet from China's factories

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