Apple could launch iPhone models with curved screens and displays that take gestures without being touched

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Apple is considering launching iPhone models with curved screens, according to Bloomberg sources. Moreover, the company is experimenting with a technology that allows the display to take gestures made with the fingers without touching the screen.

The "flying gestures" described by Bloomberg will open new possibilities for interaction with the devices. These will not be the main way to interact with smartphones, but will provide access to additional features, just like the 3D Touch technology. The sensors will be able to approximate the distance of the screen finger.

Samsung and other manufacturers already support rudimentary "gestures". For example, by dropping the palm over the display, a screen capture can be made.

As for the screens taken into account by Apple, they are not curved at the edges, but on the inside, with the top and bottom edges higher. To get an idea, you can imagine the LG Flex screen

According to Bloomberg, it will take at least two years for these items to appear on Apple's smartphones

The publication also confirms that in 2018 the company will launch three new smartphones: an iPhone X Plus with a 6.5 inch screen, a new OLED model with a diagonal of 5.8 inches and one with a 6.1-inch LCD display.

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