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Apple's design is on its way - at least the head designer of Volkswagen, Klaus Bischoff, who has now told the Reuters agency.

Apple's "Pure" Design Inspires VW

For the Age of Electrification, Bischoff explains, VW wants to reinvent itself. One would like to be inspired by the design approach of Apple. Because in the design from Cupertino, which is significantly influenced by Jony Ive, put a certain "purity", "clarity" and "meaning". Also the new vehicles of the company from Wolfsburg should be distinguished by these predicates and represent something "new" compared to the previous design of the own vehicles.

Billions Investments in Elektrozukunft

With Reuters it is said, that VW lagged far behind the competition in terms of electric mobility. But recent policy decisions have led to a rethink. By 2022, the Group (VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini and Porsche, as well as MAN and Scania) is now investing 34 billion euros in electric cars, self-propelled technologies and digital mobility.

VW brand will invest six billion euros to expand its ID concept. Beside the I.D. Hatchback it should be an I.D. Crozz and also an I.D. Give buzz microbus.

Great Times at VW

Apart from the diesel scandal, Bischoff emphasizes that he has just experienced the best time at VW since he joined the group 25 years ago. Previously, all things had been decided centrally. But now he could implement things that were not possible before.


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