Apple employees run in front of glass panels at Apple Campus

The new Apple Campus is a spectacle for design enthusiasts, but for some of its employees working on the spot, he literally causes a headache. For as the agency Bloomberg reported, there are employees who have run in front of the glass panes of some buildings, instead of the entrance in.

Post-its not allowed

To help employees at short notice Post-its attached. However, they were taken down again because they would distract from the design of the buildings.

Already, five out of twelve sections of the new Apple Campus staff have moved in. For the rest, Apple is still waiting for the approval by the local authorities.

Visible Markers in Apple Stores

The Apple iPhone manufacturer also likes to use glass as a material for the outer walls of Apple stores , However, so that customers do not run in front of the glass, the company attaches visible markers. In 2011, the company was sued by an 83-year-old woman who claims to have broken her nose. It came to an out-of-court settlement, but in which Apple had no costs.

Also on the glass panes on the campus the report should be contained marks, but not so clearly visible that you just lost in thought can overlook.

Not enough privacy

Last year, there were reports that some of the staff were dissatisfied with the glass design because everyone could watch them working and they felt they were being watched.


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