Apple has more certified self-driving cars than Tesla

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This is clear from the latest figures from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. According to these, Apple now has approval for 45 autonomous vehicles in the state. In January, there were only 27 vehicles in comparison. This leaves Apple with the second largest test fleet in California on the road - only General Motors has with its subsidiary Cruise Automation and the 110 vehicles more. The Google subsidiary Waymo is currently testing with 24 cars. However, it should be noted that last year Google let just over 100 self-driving vehicles drive through California. Tesla has approved 39 vehicles for autonomous testing.

However, the fleet size of other manufacturers has a reason. Companies are starting to relocate their tests to Arizona, according to Financial Times reporter Tim Bradshaw, where Uber recently made headlines with the first traffic fatality from an autonomous vehicle. The driving service therefore decided to temporarily stop all tests. According to a police spokeswoman, the woman had suddenly stepped out of the shadows onto the street, making an accident almost inevitable. Also, the driver who is required during such test drives could not respond in time.

Despite the incident, it should be possible in California for the companies that you are allowed to send vehicles from 2 April 2018 also completely without a driver. Whether Apple will make use of this opportunity to start is currently uncertain.

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