Apple has requested the removal of iBoot sources from GitHub. Claims iPhone Security Not Affected


Yesterday GitHub appeared on the source code for an older version of iBoot, the iPhone software component that booted the operating system and made the first security and validation checks of the running code. It could be used to develop iPhone hacks that remove the protection imposed by Apple. The company has demanded the removal of its owner code from this service, while representatives have tried to mitigate the situation by saying that the security of phones will not be afflicted

While Apple did not confirm that all the code was really real, the company legally called for its deletion, but already those interested could copy it to use it in the future. Also, the files included Apple copyright information, so there are chances that they did not come from inside Apple because no one else has access to that information.

In a statement given to TechCrunch, Apple's representatives said that this leak was based on a three-year old code, and the phone security system is not based solely on the iBoot source code. To overcome protection, there are other important software components as well as dedicated hardware, which is very difficult to penetrate. Most likely, devices remaining on iOS 9 may be affected, but considering that 93% of iPhone and iPad users are running iOS 10 or 11, we are talking about a very small part of the devices

So, we have some good news for those who thought this leak could compromise the security of their phones and the data stored on them. Bad news is for those who were hoping for simpler jailbreak methods on newer devices, allowing running unsigned software and changing the operating system. In any case, Apple's leadership does not seem to be very pleased with the fact that its intellectual property has reached the Internet without its consent. In recent years, the company has even begun to be more open to software developers, providing the sources of certain iOS and macOS components to free.

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