Apple I is supposed to get up and running again

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Jimmy Grewal used to be Microsoft’s program manager for the Mac version of Internet Explorer, but now is busy with something completely different Grewal wants to make a difficult and delicate restoration and get an old Apple I running again, because he uses his job: He manages a company with a Le

In his opinion, he has the knowledge, the tools and above all the experience to restore something so rare and valuable. He purchased the board through an auction of the world-famous Christie’s. How much the collector spent on the rare computer remains his secret.

His staff are working hard to fix Apple I’s power issues, but each component seems to work well on its own. If components need to be replaced, Grewal is determined to make the restoration as true to the original as possible.

He therefore purchased parts earlier, expecting that they would be useful later. So Grewal has taken from old devices such as slot machines components. Some he has worried about eBay. In any case, he only wants to use exactly the same spare part – even the production years should be the same.

Apple I models go regularly for low to high six-digit sums on the auction tables. Under no circumstances does Grewal want to sell his computer anymore but to exhibit it in a museum.

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