Apple in India top, flop in China

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Analysts are currently drawing two very different scenarios from Apple’s business development ent. While there is a positive development in India, that is not the case in China.

Apple Boosts Profits in India by 44 Percent

The 2017 fiscal year ends for Apple with the March quarter of 2018. India Times reported that the iPhone maker has done well in the period in India. The data comes from a company register in which the company from Cupertino has to deposit corresponding data.

The manufacturer’s turnover increased compared to 2016 by 17 percent. At the same time, however, profits grew by more than 44 percent over the previous year. One key factor in Apple earning more money in India is the smartphone production site. As a result, the producer was less sanctioned by the public sector for importing raw materials.

India Times also cites a high-ranking industry official who claims that the company does not want to withdraw capital from the country, but instead reinvested it to further create production capacity.

Will China Become a Problem Child for

Apart from a looming trade war between the US and China in which the Apple CEO Tim Cook brokered looking, the shops are not running as well as before. Apple may still be in the top 5 smart phone manufacturers, but has substantially lost market share.

While the Chinese market has recently shrunk by 21 percent, the iPhone maker is becoming visible from the competition suspended. For several analysts, this development is “permanent”, or at least not a development that will turn around in the short term.

Apple could win in China anyway only better-off customers in the big cities for themselves. It has a clear disadvantage. Around 300 million people live in the cities, of which 150 to 220 million are considered buyers for Apple’s iPhone in the first place. In contrast, the entire Chinese population makes up 1.3 billion people.

Adding to that, it’s aggravating that local manufacturers are looking at the design and many features of the iPhone. Users then resort to the cheaper alternative if they would hurt in a purse.

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