So far, Apple has its plans for an augmented Reality headset or even your own virtual reality headset. But that is probably over now. For now, the US company eMagin has published a notice, must publish. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has been informed of investments by other companies.

eMagin plans series production of microdisplays

eMagin itself has so far produced so-called microdisplays for the military or institutions in the healthcare industry. The main product of the company is a microdisplay with 2048 x 2048 pixels.

The stock market information shows that it now in series with other companies, the series production of products for AR and VR glasses / headsets

"We are entering into a strategic agreement with multiple animal one consumer product companies for the design and development of microdisplays for consumer head-mounted devices

In the course of the document, Apple, Valve, and LG, along with the two rather unknown companies, are referred to as Stillwater Holdings and Immerex as investors.

AR Glasses by Apple?

There are rumors that Valve and LG are working together to create a virtual reality headset.

But Apple also said it more and more often that the company is working on a kind of AR glasses. However, this should not appear before 2020, even if a supplier even considered 2019 possible. Apple uses its own operating system called rOS. The operation of these glasses should work from a mix of gestures and voice control using Siri. In January, it was said Apple had met with suppliers on the sidelines of CES 2018.


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