Apple is being sued because of Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor

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From 2014 to 20 16 Apple met regularly with Omni MedSci. According to Axios, Apple then suddenly ended the talks about a possible partnership and should then have used a technology patented by Omni MedSci. This, of course, aroused the company bitter, so it filed suit on Friday against the Californians. It should state that Apple knowingly violated the patent law and now demand a court order and a compensation payment.

Apple had already introduced the first Apple Watch in September 2014. As a great feature of the heart rate monitor was advertised and also various publications and institutes confirmed the solid functioning. The sensor should not only measure the pulse or the heart rate, but can also detect early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and a heart rhythm disorder.

By the way, Omni MedSci belongs to Mohammed Islam. He owns six companies and holds more than 150 patents, making him one of the “patent experts”. His companies have already litigated Fujitsu, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Huawei and Siemens. The fact that only now three years after the publication of the Apple Watch filed a lawsuit, of course, it comes up negative, as it also demands compensation. After all, Apple’s smartwatch is not a niche product of a small company. It may of course be speculated that you have deliberately waited to possibly receive the largest possible compensation. If it were only about the patent, you could have done much earlier against Apple. Such business conducts therefore seem very dubious.

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