Apple is said to have known of Bendgate

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The court documents in a class action lawsuit against Apple for the “touchscreen disease” are actually under lock and key. However, in a publication, Judge Lucy Koh said that the manufacturer knew that the devices bend much more easily.

Bendgate preprogrammed?

Apple’s internal tests have revealed that, according to Lucy Koh iPhone 6 would bend 3.3 times as easily as the iPhone 5s. With the iPhone 6 Plus, the factor of 7.2 was set. Apple had to hand over these internal records to Judge Koh as part of the trial

However, Apple has never questioned that. In addition, the tests also showed that the iPhones still would not bend under normal use. Instead, only overuse and a great deal of pressure would lead to bending.

Bendgate Cause for Touchscreen Disease?

The question that needs to be answered in the procedure. Does the fact that the iPhones bend more easily to do with the touch disease? The plaintiffs say: Yes.

Because the chip, which interprets the user’s touch input, has detached itself from the Logicboard on the corresponding devices. Apple, however, says: This is a consequence that the devices have fallen down. Ultimately, the trial will decide who is right.

If your iPhone 6 Plus is affected by Touch’s disease, it will repair Apple at a discounted rate ($ 181.10). If you have already repaired the device earlier, you will receive the difference refunded.

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