Apple is said to have sold 600,000 HomePods

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In a recent study, Strategy Analytics explores the market for smartpeakers in the first quarter of 2018. In addition to vendors like Amazon and However, Google is a point very interesting, namely the assumed market share of Apple of 6 percent. This would correspond to around 600,000 devices sold. For a product from Apple just over half a million devices do not seem that much. However, the Siri speaker is only available in three countries and the market for these devices is already highly competitive. The HomePod could thus after a sales start in further countries still strongly on market shares gain. A few weeks ago, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even assumed that Apple could bring it to 2.5 million units sold in 2018 as a whole.

With such a result, the HomePod would not be the complete flop, as previously feared. However, neither the numbers of Strategy Analytics are really safe, nor the forecast of Kuo. How good, or bad it really is about the HomePod, only Apple will know. But even with 2.5 million devices sold the competition would not be caught. Amazon sold the study in the first quarter of 2018 around 4 million Echo devices and thus occupies place with a market share of 43.6 percent place 1. Google was able to increase its sales by seven times to 2.4 million devices and its market share to 26, 5 percent improve. Apple still has a lot to do.

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