Apple launches new MacBook Pro models with improved specifications. These are the most expensive so far

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We would have expected the new MacBook Pro models to be launched with the MacOS Mojave operating system, but Apple made a surprise and revealed them as part of a "secret" event. Thus, its laptops come with "up-to-date" configurations, benefiting from the latest and most powerful processors from intel and a new keyboard that should offer a more enjoyable user experience.

Out there nothing has changed . The new MacBook Pro is made using the same housing that debuted in 2016. We are talking about very thin PCs that use exclusively Type-C USB ports with the Butterfly Keypad and a touchscreen above the keys. Also, the starting price remained unchanged, with a price of $ 1,799 for the MacBook Pro 13 "and $ 2,399 for the 15". MacBook Pro 13 "without Touch Bar does not seem to have been updated

But the differences are hidden under the carcass. For example, the keyboard is now quieter than in the past . Apple does not want to reveal how it did, but the fact that the keyboard produces less noise does not seem to solve the real problem of the previous model: the keys can remain stuck. Probably this problem will be resolved in a subsequent revision. Currently, all Apple Butterfly computerized computers benefit from an extended warranty for this component for up to four years.

The processors for the new devices are Intel Core i5 quad-core at 2.3 GHz for the 13 "(equipped with Intel Iris Pro 655 and 128 MB eDRAM GPU) and the Intel Core i7 hexa-core at 2.2 GHz for the model 15 ". The lower screen version can be configured with i7 processor up to 2.7 GHz, while the 15 "models can even be equipped with new Core i9 CPUs at 2.9 GHz at 4 , 8 GHz

Other issues have also been improved. There are now up to 4 TB SSD storage options up to 32 GB of RAM (in the past the limit was 16 GB), and the graphics chips on 15 "models ranged between Radeon Pro 555X with 4 GB GDDR5 and Radeon Pro 560X with 4 GB GDDR5. The only other notable difference would be the TrueTone display, like iOS devices, the color temperature can be adjusted automatically according to ambient light

The most expensive model of MacBook Pro that can be configured right now is worth $ 6,700, with about $ 2,000 more than the most expensive model in the previous generation. Apple promises improved performance (around 60-70%).

Along with the new MacBook Pro, Apple also introduced some accessories. First, the company promotes the external GPU solution from the BlackMagic video equipment maker. It integrates an AMD Radeon Pro 580 graphics card with 8 GB of memory, offering 2.8 times better performance than the chip on the 15 "MacBook Pro and 8 times the Intel Iris Pro chip on the MacBook- 13 ". It connects through the Thunderbolt 3 to the computer and offers access to the other two Thunderbolt 3 ports, four USB 3.0 Type-A ports and an HDMI, which also serves as a docking station. At $ 700, this device is not a bad deal, but the fact that we are talking about a closed unit that can not be configured could disappoint some of the potential customers.

Other accessories featured by Apple were leather covers, similar in design to those available for iPhone. They come in Brown, Midnight Blue and Black. Prices are $ 179 for the 13 "and $ 199 for the 15"

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