Apple Maps will receive a long awaited upgrade in iOS 12


Apple Maps is no longer new. It debuted with iPhone 5 in 2012 and enjoyed a "warm" reception, as the first versions offered inaccurate data, they did not have enough points of interest, and you could not rely on navigation guidance provided by them. Meanwhile, they have evolved quite a lot, but they are still following Google Maps. But Apple has a plan for the Maps app, with iOS 12 going to be almost zero.

Eddy Cue, SVP of Apple's software and services division, revealed in an interview with TechCrunch that Apple Maps will drop the data from TomTom and OpenMaps over time, using instead their own data collected using more accurate equipment. Apple has used laser tubes for the past few years to create realistic 3D maps that can detect traffic signs, buildings, and driving lanes as well

The first changes will be able to be experienced with the next beta of iOS 12 and will only cover the San Francisco Bay Area. In the meantime, before the official launch of iOS 12, Apple wants to expand its new maps to a large part of North California, and in time to complement the rest of the United States and start offering similar content to the rest of the world. Of course, this process will take a long time.

Apple wants to integrate new Maps and new capabilities such as pedestrian streets, swimming pools and many other missing items to date. Incidentally, each iPhone user will somehow help to improve Apple Maps, sending completely anonymous data to Apple's servers. They will not be able to identify the users in any way, nor will they consume extra battery, being probably integrated into the regular stability report, which can be deactivated at the request of users

Last but not least, Apple will improve the interface for creating and modifying POIs for those who want to add content to Apple Maps. Until Apple succeeds in changing Apple Maps, iOS users will still need to use alternatives such as Google Maps and Waze for navigation and navigation

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