Apple: MarsEdit developers dissatisfied with app store trials

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App-En Developers have long been asking for a way to let users try apps without having to buy them directly. Apple made it clear at WWDC 2018 that this possibility already exists. However, developers are dissatisfied with this.

Try Apps or Try Subscriptions

Daniel Jalkut is the developer of MarsEdit. He turns again in a blog post again critical to Apple. Since 2016, it has been possible to provide temporary access to features of an app through in-app purchases.

Yalkut openly admits that some developers have already used this method.

Users are misled

But above all, Yalkut is bothered by the fact that users would be misled by the App Store. They are advertised apps as “free”. In fact, they are not. The users would subsequently offload criticism from the developer, because they imagine something else under “free” apps.

This is particularly problematic for apps that do not act on the euro-level, but actually clearly are more expensive. If users download an app on the pretext that it is free and then later charged 15, 20, or 50 euros, they are offended.

App Developers Need to Do More

Jalkut writes that the App Store for developers is a great platform and especially simplifies the payment process. But if the developer has to “program” a special mode in which not all functions would be available, and then subsequently air the veil via in-app purchase, that would require a lot of effort.

But also Users would have more effort. First you would have to authorize the download of the free app and later authorize another in-app purchase, which unlocks all functions “free” for 14 days.

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