Apple Music at 50 million subscribers?

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Already wu released a few minutes of a TV interview with Apple’s boss in advance. The full interview will be aired on Bloomberg Television.

Apple Music with 50 Million Subscriptions?

Information that is already known: The music streaming offering from Cupertino is constantly growing. If there were 40 million subscribers in April, it’s about ten million more a month later. Is that really true? If you read the headlines on the topic, you might think that’s true. In fact, Apple only gets the number of 50 million subscribers if it includes the users who are currently using the free trial.

Somewhere in between lies the truth. This year, Apple was able to attract millions of new customers each month.

Apple Catches Spotify Soon

The competitor Spotify recently announced that it currently has 75 million paying customers. If Apple’s service continues to grow, it may well have as many or even more subscribers in 2019 than its Scandinavian competitors.

Tim Cook Can Thank Jimmy Iovine

In hindsight, must Tim Cook is grateful to Jimmy Iovine for his persistence. The bird of paradise in the music business once said in an interview that he had been at the time when Steve Jobs was still alive, Apple was interested in the business of Beats. He was not convinced. After the death of the Apple founder Iovine made another attempt.

Because the offer of Apple Music contributes at least for the 40 million customers documented in April to continue to use the products of the company in the medium term. Even if the service contributes little or no sales, it ensures strong customer loyalty. Incidentally, this also applies if you think that not everything is perfect yet.

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