Apple Music continues on Spotify

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While Spotify started more than eleven years ago, the Swedish music streaming service received a fierce rival in 2015 through Apple Music. In addition to the price war, the two services want to stand out above all by special functions and content to win subscribers for themselves. Now, Apple Music is already reporting more than 36 million paying customers, continuing to focus on the Swedes.

Last September, Apple Music already had 30 million users. The Wall Street Journal announced an update of the numbers and announced an increase to more than 36 million paying customers, according to the report, Apple’s music streaming service Spotify could catch up in the US this year, mainly due to strong growth and contraction at the same time.

While Apple gains around five percent of “Apple Music” subscribers monthly, Spotify Lose about two percent, so services could be at the same level in summer.

Whether Apple can do this internationally until summer is questionable. While Apple Music currently has 36 million paying customers, Spotify can report almost twice as much with 70 million subscribers. In addition, the Swedish company also offers a free membership and can thus have more than 140 million users. Despite the current leadership of the Swedes, Apple Music has one major advantage: the app is already preinstalled on millions of Apple devices.

How the competition is going to evolve this year and what action Spotify will take to address it is currently underway only to be speculated. Similarly speculative are the rumors surrounding Apple’s serial effort. It is also unclear here whether the various shows will require an Apple Music subscription or are only tied to Apple devices. Also possible would be a separate video streaming service รก la Netflix. 2018 will be exciting.

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