Apple Music: iOS 11.3 introduces a category for music videos

Ever since the release of Apple Music almost three years ago, Apple has promised steady improvements. The music app has since been revised several times and can now serve much better. After the recently added "TV and Movies" category, there is now a separate category for "Music Videos", which can be found under the "Explore" tab. The new category is structured as usual. It offers a variety of curated playlists suitable for a variety of occasions, as well as new videos and artists - both locally and internationally.

However, music videos are not a novelty for "Apple Music" subscribers, but have been part of the service from the very beginning, bringing with them a long-term advantage over Spotify. In addition, the playlist is also completely free of advertising.

With the step to own category you want to be able to advertise the content more prominently and above all to simplify access to it again. Especially on the Apple TV, the innovation along with the playlists should be much. Even your own playlists from music videos can be quickly and easily created and shared.

Even though the feature will be promoted for iOS 11.3, iOS 11.2.6 users will also be able to see the new category in the Music app.

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