Apple Music: pre-order of music possible

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“Coming soon” as a new category ie

For some users, Apple has already released the new “soon to be available” category. This can be found in the tab “Discover” at the bottom of the page. If you tap “Show all,” you’ll see a lot of albums already announced that will be released in the next few months. In the Album view, you can add the album you want to your library and see when it’s expected to be published. Once the album is released, the automatic download will start on your iOS device. There are currently about 15 albums available for pre-order. These include “Light Years” by Madsen, “Raise Vibration” by Lenny Kravitz, “High as Hope” by Florence + The Machine and “The Now Now” by Gorillaz. However, more albums are expected in the coming weeks and months.

New Artist Profiles on Mac

In addition to the pre-order function and its approximate release, more is happening in Apple Music. The artist profiles have undergone a minor revision on the Mac. In addition to a new round profile picture, the latest album is now being proposed as an “album in the spotlight”. If this has not yet been published, the publication date can also be found next to it. Also interesting is the new play button next to the name of the artist. Clicking on it will start a random playback of the artist’s entire music.

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