Apple Music surpasses Spotify in the United States. It could become the largest streaming service in the world

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Spotify is a world-renowned service, and its efforts lately are centered around the free version, rather than the "Premium" version. Meanwhile, Apple has strengthened its position on the market with Apple Music, a service that is available exclusively as a subscription. Despite the fact that Apple came a long way in the market and is mainly devoted to company-powered devices, it seems that Apple Music subscribers have exceeded the number of Premium subscribers in the United States

The information does not come in official ways, as Apple and Spotify do not offer such numbers according to the region, but the Digital Music News website cites an industry source that works for a great music retailer. This suggests that both Apple Music and Spotify each have more than 20 million subscribers paid monthly, but Apple's service is slightly higher

At the beginning of the year, Apple Music's growth rate was 5% each month, while Spotify grew by only 2%. The reason for growing Apple Music at a faster rate could have many reasons. Being a newer service, many are barely discovering it, and America is the market where Apple has the highest percentage of users compared to Android

Also, coming pre-installed on iPhone can be a good reason for many to give up other services in favor of it once they buy such a phone. Last but not least, compatibility with the new HomePod speaker and the Apple ecosystem can encourage subscription. Apple Music is also available on Android, but it is not clear how many subscribers are using Google software devices

Subscriber information only includes subscribers . Apple Music generally offers three months of free use to sign up, with a global estimate of between 5 and 10 million trial accounts in addition to the 45 million subscriptions. Spotify boasts globally over 70 million subscribers and 160 million users

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