Apple News could receive Netflix subscription for magazines


Apple launched with iOS 11 the Apple News app, which comes pre-installed on all new devices. This seems to be quite successful, as there are rumors suggesting that there might be a subscription option for accessing some more special features or items within it. After the success of iCloud and Apple Music subscriptions, it was expected that Apple would try to explore other such opportunities.

Bloomberg reports that the acquisition of Texture, which took place last month, has been staged to put this strategy into practice. Apple will use Texture technology and infrastructure to build an Apple News subscription service that could provide access to multiple magazines in digital format. Texture is a service that offers $ 10 per month unlimited access to about 200 journals, also known as "Netflix for the Press."

In the past, Apple offered the opportunity for various publications to sell individual subscriptions via Newsstand, a iOS component that was later dissolved. The presence of publishers on Apple News would mean giving up the possibility of asking for a fee for each magazine separately. Users could have access to the entire selection of publications for the price of a single, affordable subscription

According to Bloomberg sources, approximately 20 Texture employees were fired after the purchase, while the rest of the team was integrated into the Apple News team. This suggests that there will not be much change in Apple's strategy against Texture, so the $ 9.99 price is likely to be retained (a price that also applies to Apple Music, Netflix and Spotify in the United States)

Unfortunately, if the Apple News subscription will be integrated in the current version of the service, this means it will only be available in a few regions. Apple News is currently only available in America, the UK and Australia, and all content is available in English. Probably with the launch of the subscription option, Apple will begin expanding its service to other regions where it will surely try to provide local content

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