Apple Park: Glass Walls Must Be Warned

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Cupertinos Building Representative Albert Salvador visited Apple Park in 2017 and was already worried that employees were on the glass walls that are set up all over the campus, the cafeteria doors are closed For example, it is difficult to distinguish it from the solid glass walls. Shortly after addressing the problem, a contractor walked straight into one of the glass walls, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Meanwhile, several accidents occurred requiring employees to seek medical attention. Apple’s $ 5 billion main building was built with curved glass walls that run around the entire building. The staff had posted post-it notes on the walls to show their colleagues where the walls were, but these were later removed because they were allegedly “distracted from the building.”

But these notes could come back soon, albeit professionally. An architect from Apple Park, Foster + Partners, already installed black, rectangular stickers with rounded corners on the glass panes to increase visibility. These stickers were stuck on December 30th before the employees moved to Apple Park. Probably they were removed again.

The Apple employees started moving to Apple Park on Jan. 2: Immediately the accidents started. On the first day there are two head injuries, a third on January 4.

Now more stickers were placed. Allegedly, there were no more accidents. Fortunately, the three January injuries do not seem to be too severe, as none of them led to inpatient hospitalization being needed.

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