Apple patent could bring more stable glass design for iPhone & iPad

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For several years, the website Patently Apple has been dealing with Apple patents and repeatedly presents interesting entries, the implementation of which would be desirable in many cases. Yesterday, another patent became public, which can be extremely practical in everyday life. Apple has developed a cover glass for electronic devices, according to the patent. This can serve as an extra layer of security over the display as well as over the back of the device, making the device much more stable and less susceptible to glass breakage.

In addition, another application or design example is described. This is based on a rib design. The structure is reinforced by integrated fiberglass and further reduces the risk of breakage.

However, the patent does not stop here, but also describes the use of a sapphire layer, which also increases durability and scratch resistance. Apple is already using sapphire crystal to protect the iPhone camera, and the stainless steel Apple Watch also uses the scratch-resistant glass as a screen protector. The sapphire coating could make the iPhone (or iPad) less scratch-sensitive and still thin and light. Whether one of the outer layers will be used is of course currently unknown, as Apple is always researching various new technologies and not every patent is used.

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