Apple Pay comes to Poland, Norway and Ukraine

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Also this year, it could be bad for an introduction of Apple’s payment service in Germany. After Apple announced yesterday its quarterly figures for the second fiscal quarter of 2018, it announced at the same time still that Apple Pay in the next few months in Norway, Poland and Ukraine will start. This confirms the latest rumors about the payment service – at least partially. An “early” publication in Germany has been speculated for some time and has always been a “duck”.

Apple Pay will soon be released in Norway, Poland and the Ukraine. However, the Apple CEO Tim Cook did not specify dates for each country, but only stated that they will be considered in the “next few months” with the payment service. At the same time, Cook also commented on Apple Pay in general. According to him, the service continues to grow strongly and was able to set a new sales record in the last quarter.

Year after year, the activations are said to have doubled, while the number of transactions has even tripled. This is due to intensive cooperation with regional transport companies. For example, in Tokyo, Japan, a particularly strong growth can be observed. Apple Pay is, according to Cook, the most successful payment system for public transport.

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