Apple Pencil scratched allegedly iPad display

If you have an i Use Pad Pro or a new 2018 iPad that is compatible with Apple Pencil, be careful in the future. See if scratches on the display are caused by writing on the pencil.

Apple Pencil scratched iPad display allegedly

That's what a Reddit platform user claims to be with him and his iPad Pro happen. He recently acquired the device.

When writing with the pencil, he felt that writing was anything but easy. It felt more like scratching a glass with a stone. If one believes the user's descriptions, then his pencil actually had a broken tip, which caused scratches on the display.

Apple exchanges equipment and accessories

The user "phblue" gave his iPad there back where he bought it (Walmart). It was accepted without hesitation.

The Apple support did not want to believe him on the phone but that the pencil would cause scratches. So he made an appointment in the Apple Store. There service employees tried according to his accounts, the pencil with their own devices. Even there, the stylus should have left scratches on the display.

Apple replaced him with the pencil tip (s). However, we can not verify the allegations. Have you had similar experiences? In any case, my pencil has not left scratches on the screen of my iPad Pro in two years.

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