Apple plans its own chips for power management

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Opposite the Financial T Last night, Dialog Semiconductor made a statement on the current situation. According to their own statements, the company has received a significantly lower order from Apple than in previous years. The company goes into detail and speaks of “30 percent less,” while Apple accounts for three-quarters of Dialog’s sales. The company’s CEO, Jalal Bagherli, believes that Apple will make such a cut in orders again next year. However, discussions are already taking place with new customers.

At the same time, the CEO also stated that Apple’s slow path to producing its own power management chips also puts pressure on dialogue. The company is therefore forced to meet Apple’s technology, quality, price and volume requirements for the remaining orders. Bagherli also stated that Dialog’s revenue will continue to grow, but growth will be lower than previously thought. In order to achieve this goal, one would like to examine other devices and manufacturers.

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