Apple plans two revisions for AirPods headphones


In general, Apple launches a new model in each product category each year, but AirPods have remained unchanged since the launch of 2016. It seems that 2018 will be the one that will bring a new and improved version in while there are already plans for a new and better version for the year 2019. The two revisions will add features that many fans will appreciate, but certainly the price, by far the biggest drawback of Apple's wireless headphones, will not get down soon

According to information published by Bloomberg, Apple is planning to launch in 2018 a first revision of the AirPods headphones, interactively oriented with Siri. Basically, they receive voice commands such as "Hey, Siri" without having to touch the headset, like the present model. The headset charging box should also receive wireless direct-to-factory charging, something that AirPods users will need to buy separately once the accessory becomes available

Another upgrade could be the Apple W2 wireless chip, already used by Apple Watch 3, which should optimize power consumption and provide a more stable connection to the phone for uninterrupted playback

Apple will not stop here. There are already plans to launch a new generation of AirPods in 2019, which will benefit from all the benefits of version number two, but will provide water resistance. We are not talking about headphones that we can use during swimming sessions, but headphones that could survive minor accidents or rain.

It is not clear when the new AirPods headphones will be announced, but the company is planning a launch event for the spring of this year. If they will not be announced there, the next major hardware-oriented event will be in the fall of the launch of the new iPhone

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