The iPhone X was presented last autumn as a look at the future of Apple's mobile devices, and in 2018 we will certainly see the fruits of this new direction. iOS 11.3 beta brings the iPhone 6, 6S and 7 iPhone users a long-awaited set-up that deactivates performance limitation, but some new product news items are still unannounced in the source code of the new operating system. One of these is a new, upgraded iPad that is supposed to use the Face ID authentication system

So far, iPads have been marked in the source code of the iOS operating system in order of appearance with names such as iPad 1, 2, 3, etc., or Pro, Air and so on. With iOS 11.3 beta, there was a new tablet model called "Modern iPad," something we have never met before. The fact that we are dealing with a name change internally suggests a pretty drastic change in design, the rumors of recent months suggesting we will receive a tablet with edge-to-edge screen and Face ID instead old fingerprint sensor

If Apple really will unveil such a product this year, it will most likely be part of the iPad Pro series, the 12.9 "model that should be the top of the range, being the last time updated two years. Other iPad tablets like the 9.7 "iPad Pro have been upgraded as the new 10.5" model, while the entire Air series has been removed from production and replaced by the "new iPad" popularly called iPad 5 , entering the market at a very low price. The iPad Mini Series is probably the most ignored, with the Apple A8 chipset still being the latest in the Mini 4 chipset

It is rumored that Apple is going to hold a presentation event this spring, where iPad tablet upgrades are expected, introducing new features for the HomePod and probably a new iPhone SE

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