Apple prepares a new MacBook with a "retina" screen. The new model will replace MacBook Air


Apple is a quite conservative company when it comes to its line of laptops. Their design does not change for many years, and upgrades are relatively rare, with negligible differences sometimes. 2018, however, seems to be the year in which the MacBook Air will either disappear or be replaced by a new, thinner and more powerful generation. New rumors about a new MacBook suggest that the cheapest Apple laptop series will finally adopt a "retina" display.

Past information was talking about a new series of MacBook laptops at a low price below the $ 999 MacBook Air today. New information published by Digitimes, however, suggests that the new model will replace the current Air in the bid, as Apple has failed to enter into a partnership with Chinese display manufacturers. The alternative was the integration of more expensive LG displays

Thus, the new MacBook Retina (2.560 x 1.600 on a 13 "diagonal) will go up somewhere between the current $ 999 MacBook Air and $ 1,299, costing the cheapest Pro or MacBook 12" model. Most likely, this model will be equipped with a new generation processor, a Butterfly Button Keyboard and will offer an upgrade to the connectivity category, and will be aligned with the USB Type-C ports on the models newer

As the laptop is expected to enter production at Quanta Computer and Foxconn Electronics earlier this summer, launch could take place at the end of the second quarter of 2018, shortly before the start of "back to school" programs. Digitimes says Apple expects to deliver six million units of the new MacBook before the end of the year.

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