Apple prepares AirPods models with wireless charge, noise cancellation and water resistance

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Apple's AirPods headphones are by far the company's biggest success after the iPhone series. They offer a simple solution for listening to music anywhere, on any device, at acceptable quality, and in a compact and stylish package. It's been almost two years since these helmets started, so it was clear we're getting closer to an upgrade. However, it seems that Apple wants to expel the AirPods range with several models, including a version that comes over the ears, which we have heard in the past.

According to a Barclays report, Apple prepares at least three wireless headphones for the near future. The first upgraded pair of headphones could be a modest upgrading to what is already on the market, offering a new wireless chip that offers the ability to use Siri virtual assistant directly by voice without touching the headphones. They could also receive a wireless charging box promised since the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

In 2019, however, Apple could launch the real upgrade for AirPods headphones to address many of the shortcomings that users have reported. It's about the active elimination of ambient noise and water resistance, perhaps with a box with a wireless charge from the start. However, this version could be positioned at a higher level, at a price higher than the $ 169 AirPods so far

Finally, still in 2019, Apple could launch a pair of large wireless headphones that cover the ears, similar to the ones in the Beats range. When I first learned about them, Apple was planning to release them before the end of March 2018, but it seems they keep them for next year. Another Apple music device that could get an upgrade is HomePod, but it's not clear how it will be different from the original model.

Most likely, the wireless charging AirPods headphones will be launched next to the new iPhone models and next to the AirPower wireless charger

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