Apple prepares an iPhone X in a new color

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Apple's leaks are a very sensitive subject for the company, but there are other types of leaks that can not be controlled so well. For example, the listings in the databases of the various committees that need to test and approve the devices are almost impossible to stop, and a new version of the iPhone X has reached the FCC benchmark. This is a new phone color, similar to an option already available on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

When it was revealed, iPhone 8 was presented especially in its golden version, which is a combination of the old Gold and Rose Gold colors. iPhone X instead comes in Space Gray and Silver versions, omitting a golden version is at least strange. Now that iPhone 8 has received a new color in the form of the RED (PRODUCT) edition, it seems that the company's plans include the launch of a new version of the iPhone X.

The new iPhone X could be delivered with a back similar to the one on the iPhone 8, but with a glossy steel frame, in contrast to the matt aluminum. The front of the phone does not receive any changes. The thin frame around the screen and the "bang" still remain black, something that is also true for the iPhone X Silver. The iPhone 8 golden pattern has a white frame around the display.

We do not know when Apple wants to launch this phone, but it's very likely that the release will take place very soon. The reason is first of all that the iPhone X is already halfway through its "life" as the top product, and in autumn it will be replaced by a stronger model. Surely, those who have not bought an iPhone X so far can be attracted to a new color, but those who wait until the summer, for example, may be discouraged by the purchase, given how close the launch of the next model .

For the new iPhone X gold, Apple will also modify the model number by adding A1903 to the list of models next to the A1865, A1901 and A10902. Most likely, the new model will be listed at the same price of $ 999.

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