Apple prepares even faster loading for its new iPhone


iPhones are among the most powerful smartphones on the market in many chapters, but when it comes to fast wire or wireless charging, they remain far behind the competition. 2018 seems to be the year when Apple could decide to work more on these capabilities, circulating rumors about new charging solutions for the three devices that the company prepares for this autumn.

The information comes from Jun Zhang, an analyst for Rosenblatt Securities, who has given Apple Insider some information he has obtained from various component vendors. iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were the first Apple models with fast charging at 5V / 2A, but they are much slower than the Android models in the market. These values ​​will be increased to 9V / 2A and 5V / 3A, ensuring a much faster load. Apple wants to quickly support multi-application support (probably expensive software that consumes the battery very quickly) and to compete better with Android, Zhang says.

This year's iPhone-sized LCD model, which will be in the budget range, will benefit from wireless charging, but the Broadcom components used on more expensive models will be replaced by Texas Instruments to ensure a lower price. Also, this model is going to be produced in very large volumes, the first reports suggesting double the amount of iPhone X / X Plus taken together.

All Zhan talks about switching components from ON Semiconductor and NXP with Power Integrations, a company that will load the system for all new iPhone and iPad models as soon as it solves a few problems on the production side. At the moment, Apple will call on companies such as Flexitronics and Artesyn on iPad Pro and iPhone for fast charging

The same report, published by Apple Insider, suggests Apple will see a huge increase in sales due to the new models, expecting delivery of 85 million units. A window for these drives is not specified, but it may be the quarter in which the new phones will be launched.

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