Apple products stolen for 23,000 euros in a few seconds

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The four thieves only needed a few seconds to steal 26 items worth $ 27,000 on Saturday morning at the Fresno Apple Store in the Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno said the group included several iPhones, including the iPhone 7 and 8, and several pieces of the iPhone X. Notebooks were also stolen. According to the police, the suspects have not struck weapons.

As fast as they appeared on the scene, the hooded young men wereted no time in tearing the electronics out of the display tables throughout the store, while customers and Apple Store staff stunned watching. One of the thieves, with an armful of laptops, scurried past a group of frightened girls.

A customer at the door wanted to prevent the thieves from leaving the store, but he was simply pushed out of the way. The police estimate that there were four or five people involved in the coup. In addition, it is expected that there was also an escape driver. The persons are supposed to have been all 16 to 18 years old.

The police are currently evaluating the recordings from the surveillance cameras in order to identify possible similarities to other raids in order to track down the culprits. Apple stores are being robbed quite often due to expensive and coveted devices. In California, a store was ambushed twice in a matter of days in the end of 2016. A single raid lasted only 12 seconds.

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