Apple products turn four years old

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Apple Products are four years old. Horace Dediu is an analyst at Asymco. He now claims to know that Apple products are usually four years old. Among these products he counts the Mac, the iPhone and iPad and the Apple Watch. He wants to be able to calculate the value with the help of a number that Apple rarely publishes: The number of actively used devices.

When it comes to sales figures, companies like to be willing to do so to publish. So too Apple. In regularity, we also hear about how many millions of iPhones, iPads and Macs are selling through the company’s annual reports. In fact, this figure is much less interesting than it seems at first glance.

Lifespan extrapolated based on the number of active devices

Horace Dediu of Asymco sees the number of “actively used” devices in the field much more interesting. Apple has only mentioned it twice in the last few years since the introduction of the iPhone.

Take the number of active devices (1.3 billion) and subtract them from the number of devices ever sold (2.05 million) Billions since Q2 2007). At the moment this equates to around 750,000. So, two out of three devices bought since 2007 are still in use. The lifetime of devices at a given time can be calculated according to Dediu. When 750,000 devices are no longer active, it’s back to when 750,000 devices were sold. The distance between the two times is the average life of the devices. This can be more clearly seen in a diagram.

Apple products are currently four years old

On average, according to Dediu, Apple users are currently swapping all four Years of your Mac, her iPhone or iPad or her Apple Watch. Mind you, this is a mean that does not clearly tell how old iPhones are or how old Macs are. Because you probably use your Mac much longer than your iPhone. But the bottom line is Dediu’s claim that the devices are four years old.

Interestingly enough, the value of two-thirds of actively used devices at Apple has remained relatively constant over the last decade. However, this ratio could get out of hand as soon as Apple stops producing exponential growth.

How long do you use your equipment?


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